‘Herbology On The Go’ iPhone App

‘Herbology On The Go’ iPhone App

By Natator Enterprises

Herbology wants to empower you to learn and share herb lore that was once common knowledge in many parts of the world.

Providing you with knowledge to make healthier choices for you and your family, this Herbology application gives you information on individual herbs including colour photos and healing properties for such regular kitchen herbs like parsley, rosemary and thyme to the more unusual lemon balm, eyebright and comfrey, plus many more.

This free version of Herbology On The Go contains recipes for meals, remedies, beauty products and more. These recipes are easy to follow with detailed ingredients lists and descriptions. Read articles about the safe and sane use of herbs, there is so much fascinating information you can now access on the go.

Learn about -

• healing properties of herbs

• growing herbs

• cooking with herbs

• making herbal remedies

• making beauty products

• alternative pet care

With a strong trend towards anything green, healthy and DIY, there are a growing number of people who wish to know more about natural alternatives to the supplements found on the health store’s shelf. Even better if they can grow and make remedies to add to their family’s health regime.

Herbology provides the kind of information that helps families help themselves live better and healthier without a drastic lifestyle change.

***This app will also run on the iPad but at this time does not run on iPod Touch – be assured we are working on it ***

Customer Reviews

Love this app! by POwen7
So easy to navigate & access to information on the go is perfect.

Great Stuff!!! by Wicked Muso
If you are into using herbs in your everyday life, the Herbology site is an excellent resource and not just for cooking! The availability of the application, makes access to the information even easier is, a fantastic addition. Great job!

Way to Go! by Dehalan
Love this app. Very practical and easy to understand information.

Great app for all Herbology fans by Natator
Fantastic way to keep track of an excellent source of herbal information.
The her listing is very useful, I hope more get added over time.