NEW Herbology mobile phone app

'Herbology On The Go' mobile phone app

After many weeks of work and teasing you guys with the promise of an updated Herbology app, the moment is finally here.

If you have already downloaded the app in the past, make sure you update it to the new version, it’s much swisher.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure yet, ‘Herbology On The Go’ is now available at your relevant app store. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry & Windows 7

Please, if you do update/download, could you take a moment to RATE or REVIEW? It would mean an awful lot to me if you did.

Oh, did I mention the app is FREE???

I have no idea why Android has such terrifying permissions to agree to when the app is completely innocent. It’s not like you have to agree to any of these frightening permissions with Apple or others. I have seen this with other apps from Android too…..but again, I have no idea why they do it. Maybe because they dont have the thorough vetting  process that Apple have and therefore have to somehow protect themselves in case of dodgy developers?

Even though it looks like it as per permissions, this app will not make calls without you, record any video, audio or anything else.  It does require internet access to update the RSS streams for this blog, recipes and articles. 

There is also a shopping cart you can utilise, a herb picture gallery, social media sharing and other handy stuff to have in your pocket.

Please do let me know how you find the app, any suggestions for improvements and how it has come in useful for you.

Oh, and before I go, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the guys at who made this possible for me.  I was very impressed with their attitude towards the little guy who wants a mobile presence at a little guy budget.  Thanks to them I am now in your pockets.

If you or someone you know would love a mobile app for their clients but has been frightened by the big time $$$ involved in developing it, give Going Mobile a buzz.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Oh and tell them I sent you :)

Stay herbal


P.S. The app is optimised for Apple devices (because there are just so many of them around).  I believe there are some features that are not supported by some of the operating systems. e.g. I ‘think’ Blackberry doesn’t have a shopping cart.