Free Kindle Christmas Promotion – This is how it went

I posted on Facebook how the promotion was going at the time, but for posterity I’ll save all those posts in one document here.

So I thought I would track the progress of my free Kindle Christmas Promotion here for those of you interested. It has worked well as a marketing technique for HomemadeHealth in the past, so we’ll see how it goes for Making Herbal Remedies.

The promotion went live last night 6pm (QLD time), now at 9.15am – 15 hours later – there have been 1803 free downloads. Not bad.


24 hours into the 5 day free Kindle promotion :

5550 free downloads, and ranked

#44 in the Amazon Top 100 Free Kindle

#1 Alternative Medicine

#1 Herbal Remedies

#1 Safety & First Aid

#3 Health, Mind & Body

#3 Advice, How-to

#13 Non Fiction


48 hours into the 5 day free Kindle promotion:

9746 free downloads, and ranked:

#27 in the Amazon Top 100 Free Kindle

#1 Health, Mind & Body

#1 Advice, How-to

#1 Safety, First Aid

#1 Alternative Medicine

#1 Herbal remedies

#1 Healing

#5 Non-Fiction


72 hours into the 5 day free Kindle promotion

12585 downloads, and ranked:

#40 in the Amazon Top 100 Free Kindle

#1 Herbal Remedies

#1 Alternative Medicine

#3 Health, Mind & Body

#4 Advice How to

#11 non fiction

Downloads are still rising but ever so slowly (compared to the initial rush). Some of the rankings have fallen from their first place, that’s not great. At this stage, I would guestimate total download of about 20,000….but it’s the rankings and reviews that matter, so lets hope they produce the desired effect. *fingers crossed*


Just stole myself away from our family Christmas celebrations to being you a half-arsed Kindle promotion update.

4 days into the free 5 day promo – 15,572 downloads, and buggered if I know where Making Herbal Remedies stands ranking wise – *laughs* I’m heading back to playing Peppa Pig with PixieBoy, while Harry raves and RAVES about his Skylander Giants.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!


The Kindle Christmas promotion is over now, and this is the time where the ‘fun’ begins for me.

Sure it’s great to see just how many copies I can give away in 5 days, but obviously this is meant to raise ranking and thus increase sales.

The final figure I have is 17997 free downloads. That figure may yet change given that people have been known to return books weeks later. I don’t know why people return free books, but they do. carries over 8,000,000 print books, and I have no idea what the number of Kindle books is (but it’s quite a lot smaller than for print).

Before the promotion: Making Herbal Remedies ranked around #220,000 for print and around #160,000 for Kindle.  Those ranks are fine, but of course you want those numbers to be as small as possible.

After the promotion: Making Herbal Remedies is presently ranking #35,116 for print, and #1749 for Kindle.

That’s what it is all about! And the idea is to hopefully keep those numbers low for as long as possible before running another promotion.