Making Herbal Remedies

So you know that rosemary and sage are good for dark hair and that fair hair benefits from chamomile, mullein and marigold and you want to make an infusion to add to your shampoo base or to use as a hair rinse.
How much herb do you use?
How much water?
How long do you let it infuse for?

Your favourite women’s magazine told you that a comfrey ointment is great for back pain and sprains, but they didn’t give the recipe of how to make an ointment?

When you already know what herbs you want to use and what herbal product you want to make you need a resource that covers the base formulas. Something that provides you with the ratios and the method of how to make your desired remedy.

That’s where Herbology At Home: Making Herbal Remedies comes in. All your base formulas in one place, easy to read and small enough to keep on hand in the kitchen.

Learn the age old methods of making herbal tea, tinctures, ointments, oils and much more. Assemble a herbal first aid kit and prepare natural, chemical free products for health and home.

Herbology at Home: Making Herbal Remedies is a convenient, easy-to-follow guide to preparing natural, chemical free herbal remedies. With a common sense approach to safety and working herbal health into a busy, modern lifestyle this small, value packed Herbology manual is a BIG investment in your family’s natural health.

The idea behind Herbology at Home: Making Herbal Remedies is that it is a convenient reference guide you can take with you where you need it most. It gives you the base formulas for all the remedies you are ever likely to make at home. This is the quintessential guide to all the herbal remedy formulas you’ll ever need. There is no unnecessary padding, just the important stuff and nothing but the important stuff. Suggestions and recipes, hints and cautions. Written with the home user in mind, in a language that is easy to follow. More importantly, it provides a common sense approach to safety and working herbal health into a busy, modern lifestyle.

Product Details:
Paperback: 62 full colour pages
Publisher: Natator Publishing (March, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9807668-0-6
Dimensions: 8.5″ x 5.5″

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